Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Out From Behind the Closet Doors

Like so many, I grew up taught to believe that homosexuality is sin. It is implied that it is a cardinal sin. A sin worse than almost any others. It is rarely spoken of, and never addressed in a clear and truthful way. So, in a sense, the unwillingness of the parents to deal truthfully with an uncomfortable situation, creates the walls and doors of the closets of their children.

So to break open the doors of the closet created for me, I have to become transparent. First, to myself and then to others. Life is too precious and short to live in untruth and the haggle over whether my identity can be validated by those currently in my life.

There is pain, but I must grow. I must continue on. God is my validation and not another man. Each of us has a holy calling to live our lives as the best example of God's love and life. (II Timothy 1:9)

Therefore, I can no longer remain as I once was. I can no longer live in the shadows. I have become too big for this box. The Light within me is too bright for the shadows that once surrounded me.