Saturday, March 14, 2009

Through My Eyes

GCN (The Gay Christian Network) just announced the release of a brand new documentary called Through My Eyes.

The documentary tells the stories of several Christian young people...through their eyes.  It is made up of them telling their stories from their perspectives on what it means to be gay and Christian.

It is a great resource for churches, youth groups and individuals to spark conversation and to hear "the other side".

For so long there have been barriers between the church and gay Christians.  Now there is tool for a dialogue to begin.  Please check it out!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for promoting this DVD thru your blog. I know many of the people who have shared their stories on this DVD, and they are feeling a bit exposed right now, but are glad that they have contributed to such a project that can really make a big difference, to individuals who are GLBT, to families, and to churches.

We need to keep spreading the word like you did. Thank you.
I'm doing the same in promoting it here in the UK thru my own website (I'm only getting my own copy of the DVD next week, but I'd seen a draft copy of it last year, before it was completed and released).

God Bless you,

Alma from GCN

Marquez said...

I hope this film can truly make a difference within the Christian community. I feel like the lord is using me for something bigger than I can understand. Thanks for posting this clip. I'm a mamber of GCN and I feel like I'm part of something big.