Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blessing of Inconvenience

Sometimes inconveniences are really a blessing.

Last week, I was in line at Burger King waiting for my lunch. It wasn't terribly busy, as I take my lunch later in the day. The noon rush was over.

I waited patiently, but I only have a 1/2 hour lunch break, so as the time dragged on, I was a bit concerned.

Finally, the employee at the counter told the manager that I'd been waiting nearly ten minutes for my sandwich. The manager turned to the ladies in back (who'd been just standing there -- in plain sight of the customers -- chatting up a storm). Within moments, I had my sandwich.

On the way out, the counter employee asked if I wanted a Hershey pie to take on my way.

I quickly accepted. As I left the restaurant the idea of inconvenience being a blessing came to mind and I realized that there are all sorts of "inconveniences" in my life that are actually blessings.

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Ben Whitehouse said...

I often find that life is in the moments between the things I think are living.

It's the unexpected, the unexplained and the unasked for are, for me, the profoundest moments of grace.

At greenbelt ( I went to a talk on comedy in the Bible and enjoyed it and was too lazy to move so hung around for the next talk. Didn't know what it was or who was speaking. Turned out to be a talk on abortion (tricky subject) and totally turned my thinking upside and around. I needed to hear that talk more than I needed to hear the talk on comedy.

The unexpected and unasked for.